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While I don't ever try to replicate shades exactly from batch to batch (my dye recipes are definitely more affected by artistic temperament than reliant on exact measurements - and frankly repeating identical shades over and over would be boring) the shades that I consider 'repeatable' always contain the same essential hues and the same overall effect but exact colour placement and depth of shade may vary from batch to batch.

Shades within products are often tagged ~flash~, ~fluid~, or ~core~. This makes it easier for you to imagine how the yarn will knit into fabric.

~flash~ shades are 'space-dyed' meaning they have bands of colour around the skein and the (often high-contrast) 'flash' will pop through your knitting fairly regularly, and be fairly evenly spaced, which means it may pool, 'flash', or even stripe, depending on your gauge.

~fluid~ shades have the dye applied in layers and in a much more free-range way so they create fabric with much more subtle variegation and are much less likely to pool/flash at most gauges.

Shades marked ~core~ are semi-solid, tonal shades that have variation in hue, or depth of shade within a narrower colour range.

This page shows shades that are in stock on one or more yarn bases, or are available dyed-to-order. Click on a shade to see all the current options...