Our yarn bases

Organised by weight, this is the complete list of yarn bases that we dye (or have dyed in the past). Not all of them appear in the shop regularly but those that are currently available are linked to a page that shows all the products and collections that currently include this yarn base.

lace weight
We use the term ‘lace’ to describe yarns that have more than 500m per 100g skein. Used on their own to create delicate stitch patterns, or combined with other yarn to create interesting textures and halos, lace weight yarns are versatile and have unique characteristics.

aker | lace - 65% Baby Suri Alpaca 35% Silk / 400m per 50g skein
An alternative to the classic mohair/silk blend yarn, this blend of suri alpaca and silk is soft as a cloud and is beautiful used alone for floaty, airy shawls or held together with a smooth yarn for garments with a glorious soft halo.

bray | lace - 72% kid mohair 28% silk ‐ brushed singles / 420m per 50g skein
The classic mohair/silk blend that lends itself beautifully to delicate lace knitting or paired with a smooth yarn creates lovely soft, airy fabric for sweaters and accessories.

miniBray | lace
 - 72% kid mohair 28% silk ‐ brushed singles / 168m per 20g skein
Exactly the same great qualities as bray | lace but in mini-skeins.

eynd | lace
 - 80% superwash merino 20% natural bamboo / 800m per 100g skein
This is a beautiful soft blend with a lovely sheen from the bamboo and a medium twist to help show off lace knitting.

loke | lace
 - 50% baby alpaca 25% silk 25% linen / 600m per 100g skein
This is a heavy lace that combines the softness of baby alpaca with the strength, sheen and texture of silk and linen. It blocks perfectly and the twist shows off lace stitches wonderfully.

tilth | lace
 - 100% superwash merino – singles / 800m per 100g skein
This is a single ply (high twist) yarn that is incredibly soft. Perfect for delicate shawls and scarves. Single ply yarns are less robust than yarns with multiple plies and can tend to bobble or ‘pill’ in areas where the fabric is under stress or gets rubbed. For this reason, we recommend this delicate yarn for shawls and other loosely worn accessories and garments.

fingering/4ply/sock weight
These terms to describe yarn weight often get used interchangeably but we think it’s important to apply them appropriately for the fibre content and construction. So, we use ‘fingering’ to describe yarns that aren’t ideal for socks and aren’t strictly ‘4 plys’ of yarn, and add the other descriptors accordingly. Yarn described as ‘sock’ will either contain a percentage of nylon/polyamide or be constructed from hard-wearing fibres that are suitable for socks. For example, corriedale wool mixed with mohair can make an excellent sock yarn with the right twist. We may also describe a yarn as ‘singles’ a term which can apply to any weight yarn but denotes that it is a single ply of yarn (usually with a high twist to give stability/strength.)

cade | singles - 90% superwash merino 10% linen / 365m per 100g skein
Single ply yarns can be a little bit fragile and prone to ‘pilling’ (bobbling) but add 10% linen to superwash merino and add some twist and the resulting yarn is soft, strong, has a textured halo and knits into a fabric that is perfect for lightweight garments.

cooms | fingering - 100% superwash merino / 400m per 100g skein
This is an extrafine merino with a low (19.5) micron count. The 3ply construction adds strength and definition to the fabric while retaining its super-soft handle.

cooms | sock
 - 75% superwash merino 25% nylon / 425m per 100g skein
An extrafine merino with a 19.5 micron count that is very soft but has 25% nylon to add the strength needed for socks. We also love this for lightweight garments and accessories.

miniCooms | sock
 - 75% Superwash Merino 25% Nylon / 85m per 20g skein
Exactly the same as cooms | sock but in mini-skein form.

delf | fingering
 - 80% superwash merino 20% silk / 365m per 100g skein
This luxurious superwash yarn has 20% silk and a high twist so is great for stitch definition and has a gorgeous sheen.

fizmer | sock - 80% superwash merino 20% nylon / 365m per 100g skein
This is a ‘zebra’ yarn comprising two plys, one of which is natural white and one that fades from white through grey, and black and back to white. The fabric it knits into has depth and vibrancy and the ‘zebra’ stripes will flash, pool, or stripe differently depending on gauge.

furze | singles - 56% wool - superwash merino, 44% kid mohair / 400m per 100g skein
This is a single ply with a tight twist to give it stability. The mohair adds a glorious soft halo to the yarn which has a lovely sheen. This is buttery-soft and delicate and wonderful for shawls...

hain | fingering/4ply - 100% superwash new zealand polwarth wool / 400m per 100g skein
Polwarth is a sheep breed that crosses Lincoln and merino to get a lovely soft-yet-strong yarn that is a great all-rounder. We love this for light weight garments and accessories. It knits into a smooth fabric with lovely drape and it takes dye beautifully giving clear, nuanced shades.

hither | sock - 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon / 425m per 100g skein
High twist sock yarns create great stitch definition for socks with ribbing, lace patterns, or cables. This classic 75/25 blend of superwash merino and nylon is great for socks but also perfect for shawls and lightweight garments that need to be hardwearing and easy to care for.

miniHither | sock - 75% superwash merino, 25% nylon / 85m per 20g skein
Exactly the same as hither | sock but in mini-skein form.

holm | fingering/4ply -100% superwash bluefaced leicester wool / 400m per 100g skein
Bluefaced Leicester fleece has a long staple length making it less liable to bobble and ‘pill’ than merino while remaining soft enough to wear next to the skin. This classic 4ply superwash yarn is perfect for lightweight garments.

holt | singles - 100% superwash merino wool / 365m per 100g skein

A single ply yarns with a characteristic ‘crinkle’ and a soft, smooth sheen. This superwash merino yarn is great for shawls and lightweight garments but doesn’t have the strength of a multi-plied yarn so can show wear at stress points like elbows quite quickly.

miniHolt | singles - 100% superwash merino wool  / 73m per 20g skein

Exactly the same as holt | singles but in mini-skein form.

hoo | sock - 75% superwash merino 25% nylon / 425m per 100g skein
Great yardage for sock knitters and 25% nylon to give the finished items strength. This yarn has a relaxed twist and knits into a smooth fabric.

miniHoo | sock - 75% superwash merino 25% nylon / 85m per 20g skein
Exactly the same as hoo | sock but in mini-skein form.

lythe | fingering - 60% superwash merino 20% silk 20% yak / 366m per 100g skein
This base yarn is a neutral grey/taupe from the undyed yak so our regular shades are deep and subtly nuanced. The silk gives it an amazing sheen and it has wonderful drape so is perfect for shawls.

moor | fingering - 100% non-superwash merino / 400m per 100g skein
Non-superwash yarns need looking after with care and treating with respect but they also feel great against the skin and knit into beautiful fabrics. This 20.5 micron merino has a firm, bouncy twist and is perfect for shawls and lightweight garments. 

neve | fingering - 70% silk 30% wool - extra fine non-superwash merino brushed / 200m per 50g skein
This blend comprises a cocoon of extrafine brushed merino around a silk core and has an amazing soft-as-kittens, bouncy texture. It is non-superwash and knits into a glorious fabric, reminiscent of crushed velvet. Use it on its own to create snuggly cowls, warm scarves, or cosy mitts, or hold it with a smooth yarn to create fabulous texture and warmth.

nook | fingering - 100% superwash merino / 365m per 100g skein
This is a lovely, high-twist, 2-ply yarn that gives great stitch definition and shows off all our shades with amazing dye saturation and blending. We love it for accessories and garments.

pent | fingering/sock - 100% non-superwash corriedale wool / 400m per 100g
Corriedale wool is a great fibre for all sorts of knitted garments and accessories. It has a higher micron count than merino and bluefaced Leicester (so not quite as soft) but great elasticity and it is soft enough (we think) to wear next to the skin but also hard wearing enough to knit socks (if it has a high twist) and wear well at stress points like elbows.

pightle | fingering/4ply - 100% superwash merino / 400m per 100g skein
This is our ‘go to’ 4ply yarn. A classic medium twist, soft, smooth, and superwash so great for items that need regular washing. We still prefer to hand wash our hand knits but you can be a little less fussy with garments knit with superwash yarn.

miniPightle | fingering/4ply - 100% superwash merino / 80m per 20g skein
Exactly the same as pightle | fingering/4ply but in mini-skein form.

pingle | sock - 75% superwash merino 20% nylon 5% stellina sparkle  / 40m per 10g skein
Spun with 5% stellina to give sparkle, this is a great sock yarn. We dye it with both silver and gold sparkle (usually seasonally!)

rig | sock
 - 80% superwash merino wool 20% nylon / 365m per 100g skein
This sock yarn has a high twist for great stitch definition and 20% nylon for strength. We love it for socks (especially with lace and cable details) but it’s also great for accessories and lightweight garments.

roke | sock - 55% superwash merino, 20% mohair, 25% nylon / 400m per 100g skein
We love sock yarn with a little bit of mohair. It makes such cosy socks and mohair is strong and hard wearing. This yarn also has nylon so stress points (heels and toes) are doubly reinforced. As well as socks, this yarn makes shawls and lightweight garments with a subtle halo and a soft, cosy fabric.

windle | fingering - 100% superwash merino zebra / 400m per 100g skein
Zebra yarns have one standard undyed white ply and one that fades from white through grey to black and back again. When plied together with a medium twist the yarn has the appearance of handspun yarn. When we add dye the effects are striking yarn with depth and vibrancy that pools and flashes through the knitted fabric to create fabulous effects. This has a classic ‘4 ply’ yardage (but the yarn is only two plys) and is perfect for scarves, shawls and lightweight garments.

sport weight yarn
This might be my favourite yarn weight and yet it’s still relatively unknown/underused. Essentially, it’s a ‘5ply’ equivalent – the same weight of yarn used to knit traditional fishermen’s Gansey sweaters – and it sits between fingering/4ply and DK weight. It can have anywhere between 250m and 300m plus per 100g skein and it knits into a fabric that is just the right weight for sweaters and cardigans. We also love it for accessories like cowls and snuggly scarves and wraps…

cove | sport - 100% superwash bluefaced leicester / 262m per 100g skein
A bluefaced Leicester fibre spun into a soft yarn with a medium twist. This is on the heavier side of ‘sport’ weight and can often be used for patterns that call for DK weight if gauge is checked carefully.

currel | sport - 100% highland pervian wool / 300m per 100g skein
This is spun from the fleece of the Peruvian Highland sheep and is not superwash treated. In its undyed state it has a warm cream tone and is slightly ‘hairy’. It isn’t a soft yarn, rather ‘rustic’ but it wears exceptionally well, without bobbling or pilling and creates garments that are warm yet lightweight. I personally knit with this a lot!

DK / worsted weight yarn
Double knitting or ‘DK’ weight yarns are twice the weight of fingering/4ply and traditionally would indeed have had 8 plys. Now this varies, as does the actual yardage and weight according to fibre content etc. We also include ‘worsted’ weight yarns in this section. Until recently this was almost exclusively a US term for a yarn weight that usually sits between our DK weight and Aran weight but as knitwear design and yarn manufacture has globalised more patterns that call for this weight are accessible, and we think it’s a great weight to knit sweaters and accessories. It knits up quickly but retains drape and wearability that makes it perfect for most seasons.

cooms | DK - 100% superwash merino wool / 225m per 100g skein
This yarn has a lovely bouncy twist unique to 3 ply construction. It is great to knit with and dyes with depth and vibrancy that really makes colours pop.

currel | DK - 100% highland pervian wool / 225m per 100g skein
This is spun from the fleece of the Peruvian Highland sheep and is not superwash treated. In its undyed state it has a warm cream tone and a medium twist. It isn’t a soft yarn, rather ‘rustic’ but it wears exceptionally well, without bobbling or pilling and creates garments and accessories that are warm and versatile.

fell | worsted - 100% superwash merino wool / 230m per 115g skein
This yarn comes in 115g skeins so offers excellent yardage and good value. It has a lovely medium twist and great sheen and is superwash so offers easy-care for winter garments and accessories.

fold | DK - 100% superwash new zealand polwarth wool / 225m per 100gm skein
This is the DK weight equivalent of hain | fingering/4ply and is a great yarn for sweaters. It knits up into a smooth, soft fabric that wears well. With little bobbling/pilling.

hoo | DK sock - 75% superwash merino wool, 25% nylon / 225m per 100g skein
A DK weight yarn that is perfect for socks but also great for garments and accessories. We especially love it because the merino wool is 'upcycled' from fibre that is unused at the end of a spin run, so it's also reducing waste at the mill. 

aran weight yarn
Aran weight yarn is heavier than DK and has traditional been used to knit warm winter sweaters. It is great for cable patterns and knits up quickly.

cade | aran - 90% superwash merino 10% linen / 180m per 100g skein
A big sister to cade | singles, this is a lovely 2-ply yarn with a relaxed handle and a soft sheen. The 10% linen adds a slightle rustic halo to the merino. We love this yarn for garments and accessories and dye it in a capsule palette selected from our ~core~ semi-solid and ~fluid~ variegated shades.

smeeth | aran - 100% non-superwash corriedale wool  / 200m per 100g skein
Corriedale is a fabulous durable fibre, soft enough to wear next to the skin but less prone to bobbling/pilling than merino and other ‘butter-soft’ fibres. This yarn will felt if washed too hot, or tumble-dried but it’s worth hand washing for the lovely fabric it knits into.

chunky weight yarn
Usually in the region of 100m per 100g skein, chunky weight yarn knits up quickly into warm, winter accessories and garments. It can be knit into a dense fabric, or on larger needles even into something resembling lace.

pudge | chunky - 100% superwash merino wool / 100m per 100g skein
This yarn is a 2-ply with a gorgeous twist. It’s soft as butter and the merino has a lovely sheen. Because of the size of our regular dye batches, we usually dye this with cosy hats and scarves in mind but if you’d like a sweater quantity just ask!