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'currently reading' : The High House by Jessie Greengrass

hither | sock (100g) - a different kind of quiet
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The High House by Jessie Greengrass

"Perched on a sloping hill, set away from a small town by the sea, the High House has a tide pool and a mill, a vegetable garden, and, most importantly, a barn full of supplies. Caro, Pauly, Sally, and Grandy are safe, so far, from the rising water that threatens to destroy the town and that has, perhaps, already destroyed everything else. But for how long?"

Lately, I seem to be drawn to very topical stories; ones that either re-work what we're currently living through or imagine the world we might find ourselves inhabiting in the years ahead. The High House is set vaguely in the future and also set locally - the exact town/village isn't named but I read it with Blythburgh, which is just a stone's throw away, lodged in my head - making it even more terrifying and poignant. The small cast of characters is beautifully imagined, their relationships believable and their dilemmas very real, and the premise of the narrative - catastrophic flooding due to rising sea levels - entirely within the realms of possibility, here on the rapidly eroding Suffolk coast. If you haven't read it I can highly recommend it. 

It inspired this handful of shades in the dye pots - embracing aqua, sage, turquoise, and teal, with bronze, amber, ochre, cherry, and rust accents. All the colours of the sea, sky, marshes, and meadows...

hither | sock - a different kind of quiet

cooms | fingering - if god was anything

lythe | fingering - dark comes early

holt| singles - a place for the sea to run

Our 'currently reading' micro-collections are limited edition shades inspired by the book currently on my bedside table.

Each collection comprises just a handful of shades, dyed on a variety of yarn bases and is released as I'm reading a book I'm loving.

Once they're gone, that's it! They are all one-of-a-kind shades that won't reappear, so if you see something you love grab it while you can.

Please note - this limited edition collection does not qualify for our 'sweater quantity' discount.