Collection: the light inside

A ten-part series of capsule yarn collections released throughout 2020 inspired by an original novella.

The yarn collections have now sold out but you can download the novella-in-flash to read below...

‘the light inside’ has its origin in story fragments collected and imagined over the years that I have lived in an old farmhouse on the edge of an ancient marsh. The finished form is a novella that weaves together the layers of characters and events, real and mythical, that have collected and settled in the landscape and its buildings over hundreds of years. 'The Light Inside' tells a story of place and time, of people and land, and of what happens to the stories we create and leave behind for others to find.

The narratives are imbued with colour and texture and every shade I create is inspired by a character, place or event within the story. Each of the ten capsule yarn collections is accompanied by the release of a section of the story and every skein of yarn purchased from a yarn fictions collection comes with a story download link. Or you can download the parts released so far to read now:

Part one : her/end

Part two : shelter/dorothea fish

Part three : new/smoke

Part four : polecat/pull

Part five : gabrielle diot/walk

Part six : trees/deep 

Part seven : dust/descent

Part eight : shuck/meditation

Part nine : burial/flood

Part ten : rescue/inside

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