Knit Pro - Zing - straight needles
Knit Pro - Zing - straight needles
  • From: £3.65

These super lightweight aluminium needles are colour coded making them incredibly beautiful and useful too!

The needles have coloured shafts and smooth, slick silver tips with the renowned Knit Pro taper and finish...

The needles are available in multiple lengths and sizes up to 6mm with sizes colour coded as follows:

2.00mm = coral
2.25mm = amber
2.50mm = garnet
2.75mm = carnelian
3.00mm = jade
3.25mm = emerald
3.50mm = chrysolite
3.75mm = amethyst
4.00mm = sapphire
4.50mm = iolite
5.00mm = ruby
5.50mm = sienna
6.00mm = purple velvet
6.50mm = coral
7.00mm = amethyst
8.00mm = emerald
9.00mm = garnet
10.00mm = ruby
12.00mm = purple velvet

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