meadowyarn - stitch reminders
meadowyarn - stitch reminders
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Re-stocked with more reminders and markers per pack...

These dinky little stitch reminders are made from light-as-a-feather 3mm birch ply, have a diameter of approx 15mm, and are laser engraved with 13 different knit instructions.

Packed in sets of 25 (so you get more than one of the most commonly required varieties) with 25 bulb safety pins so you can pick and choose your reminder when needed... 

Each packet contains: 4 x k2tog; 4 x ssk; 4 x m1r; 4 x m1l; 1 x ws, rs, m1, p2tog, yo, kfb, sl1k, sl1p, bor. Plus 25 pins; 5 each of gold, silver, black, pewter and bronze.

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