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Knit Pro - Zing - asymmetrical short circular needles

2.00 mm / 25 cm
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These short asymmetrical circulars have one tip that is 45mm while the other is 70mm with a 135mm cable connecting them. This difference in tip length makes them much more comfortable to knit with than other short circs. Hold the longer tip in your dominant knitting hand and rest the shorter one in the other hand. We love these for socks, sleeves and other small gauge projects 'in the round'.

These super lightweight aluminium needles are colour coded making them incredibly beautiful and useful too! They have coloured shafts and smooth, slick silver tips with the renowned Knit Pro taper and finish. The cables are flexible with virtually no memory and the join between cable and needle is smooth.

The needles are colour coded as follows:
2.00mm = coral // 2.25mm = amber // 2.50mm = garnet // 2.75mm = carnelian // 3.00mm = jade // 3.25mm = emerald // 3.50mm = chrysolite // 3.75mm = amethyst // 4.00mm = sapphire // 4.50mm = iolite // 5.00mm = ruby