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While I don't ever try to replicate shades exactly from batch to batch (my dye recipes are definitely more affected by artistic temperament than reliant on scientific techniques - and frankly repeating identical shades over and over would be boring) the shades that I consider 'repeatable' always contain the same essential hues dyed to the same depth of shade. The shades I create regularly divide into three categories that use distinctly different dye techniques to achieve different effects. This page shows those that are currently in rotation and although you won't ever find all these shades available on all our yarn bases, if you see one you like showing as 'sold out' check back because there is every possibility it will reappear..

~fluid~ shades

These shades use a dye technique that makes every skein unique. Colours merge and mix, in completely random ways so while the tones and hues will be the same there can be quite a difference in depth of colour and dye placement even across a batch from the same dye pan. To create balanced, even, distribution of colour across a garment we recommend alternating skeins. Dye batches consist of 3 skeins.
against the stream of time
deep aubergine, warm maroon, a pop of cherry, soft russet.
russet-kissed, this faded rose
dusky pink, a hint of maroon, cool raspberry, glazed with bronze, and a pop of amber.
of a thousand moments
rose pink, a hint of silver grey, pops of sandy ochre, soft coral pink.
the burden of dreams
teal, turquoise, cherry, violet, amber, lavender. This shade is a flash/fluid hybrid and batches can vary significantly.
some enchanter's wand
deep forest green, dark teal, a little pop of turquoise, hints of bronzed oak.
deep in a forest night
forest green with sage highlights, a hint of silver grey, and subtle chestnut tones.
the earth, a brittle globe
cool aqua tones, sage highlights, coolest silver grey and an occasional pop of sandy ochre.
in dawn's first hush
silver grey blended with palest aqua tones and mint green, subtle shell pink pops.
we walk the jewel-glimmered path
cool violet highlights, turquoise pops, warm golden ochre, glazed with deep, deep teal and forest green.
a laryrinth of whispers
warm russet, highlights of golden ochre, an occasional amber pop, glazed with chestnut and oak.
one day the earth will be...
palest sand, ochre highlights, a hint of amber, warmed with chestnut and subtle charcoal grey.
between the shadows
silver grey, lavender highlights and the palest ochre, lemon and chartreuse tonal pops.
an accidental glimpse
ochre, turquoise, fuchsia, and teal overdyed with warm maroon and deep aubergine
held by a beautiful thread
bright mauve, bubblegum pink, gold ochre & violet
the weight of the sky
Soft silver and clay greys with hints of slate and lavender and a subtle calamine blush.

~flash~ shades

These shades use a dye technique that places dye in a more uniform way across the skeins in each batch. The colours will 'flash' and 'pop' depending on needle size/gauge and might even stripe on socks if your stitch count aligns with the colour placement goddesses! It is really hard to know exactly how the colours will flash (one of the main reasons we don't knit up swatches to show how these shades behave) so if you don't want random flashing or pooling alternate skeins, otherwise, just knit and see what happens! Dye batches consist of 3 skeins.
in the middle sea
deep teal, turquoise. This is a subtle tonal flash
rose petal skies
teal, turquoise & sky blue with a rose gold flash
I have eaten the plums
palest lavender, pink & silver grey with a deep plum flash
her love arrived at dusk
aubergine, indigo, cherry & violet with a tangerine flash
if on a winter's night
aubergine, violet & bronze with a lavender flash
the last rays
raspberry pink, tangerine & peach with a silver grey flash
walk out to gather
oak, charcoal, taupe & mushroom with a silvery beige flash
a sloop of amber
russet, amber & tangerine with a silver grey flash
broken halo
silver grey with a tangerine flash
full fathom fire
scarlet, coral orange with a marigold flash. This is a subtle tonal flash.
to catch up with the sun
fuchsia, cerise and mauve with a marigold yellow flash
all I loved you for
sage, silver and aqua with a tangerine coral flash
take a breath
turquoise, aqua and sea green with a silver grey flash
during a clear midnight
deepest navy with teal glimpses and a turmeric yellow flash
where the light gets in
soft silver greys with a flash of turquoise and bronzed coral.

~core~ shades

These shades are kettle dyed in larger pans with more water so the colour distribution is more even. They aren't flat, solid shades, however,  rather complex layers of colours resulting in semi-solid/tonal shades that embrace all the variations within a single hue. This capsule range of shades evolves to accompany our favourite ~flash~ and ~fluid~ shades so these can form the backbone of fades, stripes and other sectional projects that need a semi-solid contrast or complimentary shade. Of course, they work just beautifully on their own too... Dye batches usually consist of 6 skeins.
palest silver grey
slow burn
warm woody charcoal
knock your pipe out
pecan & tobacco tones
this is the colour
deep, dark teal
deep, dark navy
endlessly charming
cool aqua, sea green tones