Icelandic Lopi - 12-34
Icelandic Lopi - 12-34
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Uses Icelandic Alafoss Lopi yarn

Sizes to fit height: XS 110cm | S 122cm | M 134cm | L 140cm

Yarn requirement per shade/size:
M (0005) 3-4-4-5
A (0051) 1-1-2-2
B (0056) 1-1-1-1
C (0053) 1-1-1-1
D (0058) 1-1-1-1

Needle requirement as per pattern:
6.00mm / 80cm circular needle (for main body)
6.00mm / 40cm circular needle (for sleeves and yoke as required)
4.50mm / 80cm circular needle (for hem ribbing)
4.50mm double pointed needles (for cuff ribbing and neck ribbing)

This pattern is for the child's sweater on the left of the picture ONLY. Hat pattern not included.

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