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Sometime last Autumn, I started thinking about ways to combine my love of writing and my love of yarn. I'm two-thirds of the way through a Masters Degree in Creative Writing with the Open University and spend nearly as much time coming up with ideas for stories and writing flash fiction as I do in the dye studio, so it seemed a natural progression to bring these two loves together.

The result, Yarn Fictions, has just been released into the wild - set free! A 'Yarn Fiction' is a one-off, mini-collection that uses an original short story (written by me) to inspire the dye pots.


unthank road

'Unthank Road' is a quirky, short story that follows the rather unfortunate (and somewhat smelly) adventure of Horace, who is determined not to give up! With Horace front and centre, I let my mind wander through the twists and turns, the ins and outs, the imagery contained in his tale. What could I see? What did the characters look like? Where are they? What is Unthank Road like? I set about developing a bijoux shade collection from the images that I saw in my head - ranging from cool aquas to rich plums, both tonal semi-solid shades and variegated ones, some adorned with a with a distinct 'speckle set' that binds them all together.

The collection includes six yarn bases: mohair/silk lace weight; merino singles sock weight; merino/silk 4ply; DK merino mini-skeins, worsted weight merino and chunky baby alpaca, that all exist within the general meadowyarn range as well.


As well as the short story itself, which you can read via the links here, there are also little snippets, bits of back story, side-shoots, concealed beneath some of the yarn bands. So, if you do indulge in the yarn inspired by Horace's tale, you might find out a little bit more about Miss Hilary Booth, or Mrs Allwood, or the biggest, loudest lad...

I hope you'll love the concept, the melding of wool and words, as much as I've enjoyed the writing and the creative wanderings it inspired. I can say for certain, that it's scarier sending words out into the 'real world' than it is yarn!

Right, I'm back to the dye pots, the next Yarn Fiction collection is calling my name...



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