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The last year has been filled with research and discovery as we’ve set up our very own mini dye studio and launched our hand dyed yarn range. It seems it’s just a hop, skip and a jump from picking up a pair of knitting needles and tentatively casting on a wonky scarf, to running a yarn store, to creating the wares by-our-very-own-selves.

The past eight years spent scouring the planet for beautiful indie dyed yarn has been amazing and it wasn’t until the first few drops of dye hit the pans and I immersed those first few skeins of natural white wool into the water, I realised that I’d been hoarding ideas and inspiration without even noticing.

We released our first hand-dyed skeins into the wild back in June and we’ve been overwhelmed with the lovely feedback we’ve received. Like any creative endeavour it’s a constantly evolving process and we’ve got plans coming out of our ears…

First off though, welcome to the new meadow yarn web site! We’ve slimmed down to a capsule range containing just our most beloved brands. Do not fear, our love for Icelandic Lopi, Jamieson & Smith, Hazel Knits and CoopKnits is undiminished and they will continue to nestle comfortably up against our own hand dyed yarn. We’ve got our favourite needles from Knit Pro and HiyaHiya and some essential notions too. Throw in some fabulous periodicals and books and we think we’ve got everything you need…

We think our new site showcases our wares beautifully and it’s also now much more mobile friendly which we are very very pleased about.


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