Knit Pro - Single cable -
 blackblack/goldpurplecolour coded
20 cm cable = 40 cm circular
28 cm cable = 50 cm circular
35 cm cable = 60 cm circular
56 cm cable = 80 cm circular
76 cm cable = 100 cm circular
94 cm cable = 120 cm circular 
126 cm cable = 150 cm circular 
176 cm cable = 200 cm circular  
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These additional cables are compatible with the full Knit Pro interchangeable needle range. It's just so handy to have spare cables so you can cast on a new project without having to move your existing work in progress to an alternative needle or waste yarn. Each cable comes complete with 'caps' to stop stitches slipping off either end and a key to attach tips.

Sizes shown are both the actual length of the cable and the length of the needle when combined with standard tips except for the shortest 40cm cable which need to be used in conjunction with the 'special' needle tips to create a 40cm Circular needle.

These are thin, flexible, 'no-memory' cables.

Available in classic purple, black with nickel metal casing or black with gold plated metal casings.

NEW for Autumn 2016
Colour coded cables as follows:
to make 40cm needle = yellow
to make 50cm needle = blue
to make 60cm needle = neon green
to make 80cm needle = orange
to make 100cm needle = red