Grellow & Gray - Sirka Counter -
Bird (blue/yellow)
Dolphin (aqua/purple)
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This is brand new and we're ever so pleased to be able to offer it to UK knitters!

Developed in response to complex knitting patterns that call for multiple row/repeat counts simultaneously, this simple, stylish counter has 3 'crowns' that click through positions from 1 to 36 and can each be used to count something different.
There are 3 corresponding colour coded 'hands' that click into slots to mark where each count should end.
So.. you can have one set to count increases, one to count repeats and the third will be washing the dishes (well, not quite but we're hopeful!) Alternatively, it could be counting rows between buttons holes, or something else more useful for knitters...

Let us know how the Sirka has changed your knitting...

The Sirka Classic has the loop at the '12 o'clock' position.
The Sirka LP (Lapel Watch) is 'upside down' with the loop for hanging at the '6 o'clock' position. Choose Classic or LP from the matrix options above.

Now available in two lovely colour options!
'Bird' is yellow/blue
'Flower' is pink/mint