ChiaoGoo - Double Point Needles - Steel -
 2.00 mm2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.25 mm3.50 mm3.75 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm5.50 mm6.00 mm6.50 mm7.00 mm7.50 mm8.00 mm
15 cm
Unfortunately, due to the current exchange rate situation and the price increases that have resulted we will not be re-stocking ChiaoGoo needles for the foreseeable future.

These lovely double pointed needles utilise ChiaoGoo's brushed Stainless Steel which has the perfect combination of 'grip and slick' to make your knitting-in-the-round a dream...

Available in sizes from 2.00mm to 8.00mm for all your sock and circular knitting needs.