ChiaoGoo - RED - Fixed Stainless Steel Circular Needles -
 2.00 mm2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.25 mm3.50 mm3.75 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm5.50 mm6.00 mm6.50 mm8.00 mm
23 cm    
30 cm    
40 cm 
60 cm 
80 cm 
100 cm 
Unfortunately, due to the current exchange rate situation and the price increases that have resulted we will not be re-stocking ChiaoGoo needles for the foreseeable future.

These smooth, pointy circulars have a 'crook' point (a bend near the join to the cable) and come in lots of lengths from tiny 23cm (perfect for socks and sleeves) up to a 100cm needle and everything in between.

The red cable is nylon coated multi-strand steel which is soft and pliable and makes the join especially smooth.

Please note - the shortest (23cm) needles do not have 'crooked' tips.