Addi - Addi Lace - Brass Circular Needles -
 1.50 mm1.75 mm2.00 mm2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.25 mm3.50 mm3.75 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm
80 cm
100 cm
These circular needles are renowned among the knitting community for their perfect grip, balance and cords.

The tips are resin coated Brass and are light and smooth. The cables are soft, pliable and have virtually no memory. The Lace needles have super-pointy tips to make lace knitting smooth and speedy!

Available in a range of needle diameters and cord lengths to suit every project...

Please note the fixed needles are Resin coated Brass - not Nickel coated Brass
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