HiyaHiya - Interchangeable needle cables -
£3.95 - £4.95
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Regarding cables / fittings...
Needle tips 2.00mm, 2.25mm & 2.50mm use SOCK/MINIATURE cables
Needle tips 2.75mm - 5.0mm use SMALL cables
Needle tips sized 5.50mm and above use LARGE cables.

There are tip adaptors available that enable the use of 'Large' tips with Small cables and Small cables with 'Mini' (2.00-2.50mm) tips if preferred.

Miniature/Sock cables are pink, Small & Large cables are blue. All Miniature/Sock cables and Small cables are 'Knit Saver' cables with a lifleline hole in the metal casing - some 'Large' stock still remains without the lifeline hole.

Cable lengths are shown in pairs in the matrix to illustrate the total needle length the cable makes with either 4" or 5" needle tips attached.