Knit Pro - Cubics (Symfonie Rose) double pointed needles -
£4.65 - £8.20
 2.00 mm2.50 mm3.00 mm3.50 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm5.50 mm6.00 mm6.50 mm7.00 mm8.00 mm
15 cm       
20 cm   
These laminated birch needles are square making them more ergonomic than traditional round grip needles. Smooth, slick and shiny they make for perfect snag-free knitting.

These double pointed needles currently come in two lengths. Choose between the standard 15cm (6") 'sock' length or the longer 20cm (8") that are long enough to cope with children's sweaters and fuller sleeves etc.

Each set contains 5 needles.