Addi - Circular sock needles -
 2.00 mm2.25 mm2.50 mm2.75 mm3.00 mm3.25 mm3.50 mm3.75 mm4.00 mm4.50 mm5.00 mm
30 cm
Perfect for sock knitters that prefer not to use dpns! These are lovely sharp needles with a very smooth join in a short 20 or 30cm length - perfect for socks but also great for sleeves, baby garments and other small circular projects!

Please note - the shorter 20cm needles have straight tips, the 30cm needles have a 'crooked' tip as per our photo.**
** As of July 2012 30cm needles are also straight (with no 'crook' in the needle), stock will be mixed for some time and we can't guarantee which you will receive...
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